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Commercial strata exterior painting

Our Guarantee

Ol’Painting work is covered by the written 3 years guarantee against faulty workmanship. We really mean this guarantee! So it only makes sense that we do the job right the first time.

If at any time during 3 years something goes wrong with our work – do not hesitate to contact us. We will fix any flows that are due to workmanship, no question asked and big apologies will be given to you if such thing happened! But it is really very-very rare we have to come back to fix something.

We only use premium quality paints from trusted brands with min 10 years manufacturer’s guarantee (unless otherwise requested by the client). The only exceptions are 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee for the timber varnishes and 7 years for the membrane paint. But those are still the best quality available on a market today.

We do not have any “small font” to our guarantee. But we want to emphasise that this guarantee is on our workmanship. It does not cover circumstances and events outside of our control, where the damage to the paintwork would have happened not matter how well we have done preparation & painting. Here are examples of the situations not covered by our guarantee:

  • Accidental damage to the paint by others (eg. during furniture removal). But at the end of the project we will leave a left-over paint, so you can touch-up damaged paint easily;

  • Water damage. We do a moisture meter test on any water damaged areas and only repair and paint them if the area is dry. But our guarantee does not cover the situations when the previous water damage re-occurred, the new damage occurred, or the owner requested we paint the wet area against our recommendation. Those are simply situations outside of our control and have no relationship to how well we have done our job.

  • Structural & movement cracks. As a painter we are not qualified to treat structural issues. We can only do cosmetic repairs. If movement in a structure continues cracks would re-appear. The paint and patching alone will not hold the moving building structure. You need to consult a builder or an engineer on how to resolve such issues in a long term.

  • Mould re-growth in high moisture& poor ventilation areas (eg. a bathroom with broken exhaust fan and/or no windows). Mould-resistant paint and paint additives that we always use in wet areas significantly will slow down mould growth. But these cannot be used as a sole method of mould control. Unless reasonable ventilation is provided the mould eventually will start re-growing.

  • Peeling caused by the decay in deep old paint layers or base substance. This only happens occasionally and mainly in old properties that had extensive peeling before (a sign that something is wrong in deep layers of paint or substance underneath).

We will properly repair all areas peeling at the time of our work. They will not peel again. And we guarantee it. But since decay is a gradual process the new peeling might appear over the time in areas stable during our work.

Unless we strip off all old paint to the bare surface, confirm that the substance underneath is solid, and repaint it from scratch (absolutely unfeasible for majority of projects) there is no way to guarantee the condition of the old deep layers of paint or substance underneath (gyprock, render, etc). Sometimes there can be 100 years’ worth of paint layers or a decaying gyprock. One of them might start peeling as a result of old water damage, wrong paint system used, or just aging and decay.

If a new peeling appeared it is very easy to established of it is new or old layers.  The new coats of paint will be just few microns thick film when dried out. We take a full responsibility for these layers. Peeling in old layers comes in thick chunks. We simply cannot give a warrantee on those.

Please keep in mind – no painter will extend their guarantee to those old deep areas. Paint manufacturers do not cover these as well. If you question any painter they will give you exactly the same answer (if they are honest with you). This topic is mostly avoided in the industry until the problem arises. While it is not rare issue we feel it is only fair to be open about all the risks.

  • Works done as per client’s instruction, against our recommendation.Sometimes clients insist on using unappropriated in our opinion paint system, or paint areas before raising damp is fixed, painting fresh render before it cured etc. If the client insists we will obviously follow the instructions. But will not be able to give guarantee on these particular areas only. Our work in other areas will be covered by our guarantee.

We hope those are common sense points.

We tried to explain them as fully as we can. They all are typical to the industry situations and would be followed by the majority of the traders. It is just that not many would talk about upfront.

If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact us or to talk to us on site.


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