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Intumescent painting

Ol’Painting is one of only few painters in NSW who are fully trained and approved as an Intumescent (Fire-Rated) Paint Applicator and are qualified to do the full certification, issue paperwork for the council and carry out regular inspections. You do not need to separately engage a fire-engineer for this.

We can provide 60 and 90 minutes passive fire protection on metal surfaces, plasterboard, fibrous plaster within a few days and at a fraction of the cost and hustle of the structural methods.

Ol’Painting not only ensures an accurate fire rating, but also a good appearance of the finished job. Beside the small tag in a corner of each room, you would not guess the paint used here is anything special. 

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What is an intumescent paint?

“Intumescent“ means “to swell and expand.” This paint is applied in a thin layer, not much more than conventional paint. It can be tinted to the desired colour or painted over with a conventional paint. This method gives a better finish.

When exposed to heat of around 140°C, the blowing agent in intumescent paint reacts to produce 50-100mm thick foam. This foam creates an insulation barrier that protects the substrate from the fire.

intumescent paint testThe picture shows a foam sample removed from the surface after the fire test with the furnace temperature (up to 1,100°C).

Our intumescent paint meets Australian Standards AS1530 & AS3837, was tested by CSIRO, and individually approved to use by 48 councils across Sydney — basically all of the Sydney metro area. 

A special numbered and coded electronic tag is issued and registered for each fire sell (room or space). Readings can be taken during each Fire Assessment inspection in the future, by our inspector or a fire engineer.

Who uses intumescent paint?

Intumescent paint application is often requested by:

Why choose Ol’Painting?

Ol’Painting will provide an accurate and reliable fire rating, the same as a fire-engineer company. But we also ensure a good appearance in the finished job. When intumescent paint is applied accurately, beside the small tags in a corner of each room, you would not guess the paint there is anything special. This is why you are much better off using a professional painter experienced in surface preparation and spray painting

Fire-engineering companies can paint with intumescent paint, but they have limited experience in spray painting and in working in occupied residential or business premises. Feedback that we get from the clients and paint manufacturers indicates that their job is not as tidy and accurate as a professional painter would do it.

Intumescent paint application is an extremely meticulous and responsible task. Paint must be sprayed in an even layer to the precise thickness, with accuracy of ±30µm (microns)! This paint is very dense and hard to work with. Achieving a consistent and even finish with this paint requires considerable experience that only a professional painter can provide.

Ol’Painting is very experienced in spraying inside occupied premises. We pay a lot of attention to protecting your belongings, furniture, commercial stock, walls, floors, and other surfaces that are not to be painted, from the paint overspray. These will be safely covered and fully sealed in plastic sheets.

How long does it takes?

Before we can confirm the timeframe we need to review the project documentation or to inspect the job. This will allow us to calculate the paint film thickness required to achieve a specified fire rating, and a number of coats we need to achieve it. Usually we can apply one-two coats of paint per day

Number of coats required to achieve specified fire rating on metal surfaces depends on metal profile used, thickness, number of sides exposed to fire, preparations required, desired finish, fire rating, what paint type it used – standard or vermiculate.

Plasterboard surfaces are more predictable. As a guide — most residential apartments, average size houses and small to medium size commercial and retail premises would only require four days to complete:

  • One day to safely cover and completely seal in plastic all surfaces that are not to be painted — walls, floor, windows, fittings, commercial stock, furniture and personal belongings. They must be protected from paint overspray.
  • Three days to paint (one coat per day) nad to clean the site.

In very wet and/or cold weather, we may need extra time as paint might dry much slower.

Do we need to move out during intumescent paint works?

Yes. Unlike normal house or commercial panting, intumescent paint requires residents to vacate the property during work.

This is partly due to the paint smell, but is mainly so the integrity of the plastic seal around all fittings and surfaces that are not to be painted is not compromised. The only exposed and uncovered surface will be those we need to paint — ceiling, cornices, and specific walls. This cover must not be touched or moved, so we can guarantee safety of your belongings, furniture, stock and other surfaces. Sprayed paint would go through the smallest gaps, just like dust. Intumescent paint is very sticky and hard to clean, so we have to be very careful with it.

We will work out with you an accurate timeframe for the work, one that is convenient for you, so you can plan for the work up front.


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