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Mould treatment

Mould is a very common problem, especially for properties located by the beach or a bush, or areas of poor ventilation. Not only does it look unattractive and damage surfaces, mould also can trigger allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. Ol’Painting has literally rescued hundreds and hundreds of owners whose homes were affected by the mould, and made their properties livable and rentable again. We have vast experience in addressing this issue. And we can help you too.

We normally work with paints that already have anti-bacterial and mould resistant features. Even if you do not have any mould, it will give you extra protection and will make your house healthier. But in wet areas and all areas affected by the mould, both inside and outside, we also additionally use mould killing paint additives. They will help in fighting the mould and will significantly delay its re-growth.

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Wet area ceilings are always painted with a low-sheen paint (ceiling flat is used on all other areas). Low-sheen is less porous then the flat ceiling paint, making it harder for the mould to grow. In the smaller spaces of a typical bathroom or a laundry, an extra glossiness is not really noticeable.

Please keep in mind that paint usually cannot be treated as a sole method to fight mould. You would also have to improve ventilation and reduce moisture in the air by adding/repairing an exhaust fan, installing an air conditioner, repairing water leaks or raising damp, trimming trees around the house to provide better solar access, or just ventilating an area often. Combined with the mould treatment, quality preparations and painting, these will reduce the likelihood of mould re-growth.


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