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Smoke stains

Ol’Painting has rescued hundreds of property owners from smoke stains, making their homes liveable and rentable again. If you bought a property from a smoker, your tenant was smoking, or you just want to clean your house — painting is the only way to get rid of the stains and an odour. We know exactly what to do and will explain to you the whole process. Keep in mind that wallpaper has to be removed or at least painted over, as it keeps the smoke odour very well. You will also need to deep-clean your carpet to get rid of the smell. 

There are many tricks of the trade when painting smoke stained surfaces. The issue is that the yellow stains will go through ordinary paint and will re-appear again. This can happen straight away, even if additional coats of paint are applied. Or stains can re-appear over the next few months, wasting the effort and money you put into painting your property. The proper preparations and sealing surfaces are very important for these jobs and will ensure your property looks good.

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